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  • 话题作文



    Today is Middle Autumn Day. I love this festival very much when i am a teenager.

    At that time , all my family seat around a table and ate mooncakes ,oranges and other delicious food. We admired the moon , talked about the moon and some stories about Godness in the moon and that pig..

    But since i was in middle school , i had few opportunities to celebrate Middle Autumn Day with my family because I have to study for the purpose of entering university.

    Now i am in the university dormitory, I , therefore have no way to celebrate the day with my family. They are so farway. What i ony can do is to call them and bless them a happy day.

    This afternoon, i have two classes untill seven. I think tonight , there will be many people in the supermarket to buy mooncakes.

    i want to eat mooncakes ,oranges ....

    Wish everyone have a happy Middle Autumn Day.

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