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    快乐的“五一”节作文|快乐的“五一”节 英语作文

    星期五是五一”节,爸爸、妈妈带我去滨州玩。在往滨州的路上,我们决定先去中海公园。Friday is may day. My father and mother take me to play in Binzhou. On the way to Binzhou, we decided to go to Zhonghai park first.一进公园好习惯作文,我们看到了美丽的景色,真是太迷人了!这里有许多小朋友在玩耍,水里的鱼不断的上下翻腾跳跃着,那样子也非常高兴!As soon as we entered the park, we saw the beautiful scenery. It was so charming! There are a lot of children playing here. The fish in the water keep jumping up and down. That\s very happy!再看看近处有许多花草树木,真得很好看!远处的车来来往往,跑跑停停,好像也被这美丽的景色吸引了。我们玩热了好习惯作文,就吃了一大盒刨冰,啊,真痛快呀!There are many flowers, plants and trees nearby. It\s really beautiful! Cars come and go in the distance, running and stopping, as if attracted by the beautiful scenery. When we had a hot time, we ate a big box of shaved ice. Ah, it was so enjoyable!今天我玩得很开心,需要离开的时候,觉得恋恋不舍的。Today, I had a good time. When I need to leave, I
    好习惯作文 六级作文 优秀作文800字
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